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Citations of IDT products

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Wegner M, Diehl V, et al.. (2019) Circular synthesized CRISPR/Cas gRNAs for functional interrogations in the coding and noncoding genome. eLife. doi: http://10.7554/eLife.42549


Credle JJ, Itoh CY, et al. (2017) Multiplexed analysis of fixed tissue RNA using Ligation in situ Hybridization. Nucleic Acids Res, 45 : e128.

Using DNA/RNA hybrid oligos from IDT, a group of researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed a new technique for analyzing RNA in clinical FFPE specimens that offers numerous advantages over traditional methods.

Use of a DNA aptamer to replace monoclonal antibodies in an impedance biosensor that uses microfluidics and a microelectrode for detection of the target molecule, in this case, the H5N1 subtype of avian influenza virus. Aptamer secondary structures and delta G were calculated using the free IDT online UNAFold and OligoAnalyzer programs. Biotinylated aptamers were synthesized by IDT with biotin conjugated at the 5′ end.

Ouellet E, Foley JH, et al. (2015) Hi‐Fi SELEX: A high‐fidelity digital‐PCR based therapeutic aptamer discovery platform. Biotechnol Bioeng, 112 : 1506–1522.

Description of a new aptamer selection platform that uses fixed-region blocking elements to ensure library diversity and guard against amplification artifacts. Truncated (random-region sequence only) and full-length library versions of aptamers were synthesized and HPLC-purified by IDT.

Jacobson O, Yan X, et al. (2015) PET imaging of tenascin-C with a radiolabeled single-strand DNA aptamer. J Nucl Med, 56 : 616–621.

Development of the first agent for imaging and quantifying the cancer associated protein, tenascin-C—a tenascin-C-specific single-stranded DNA aptamer. The aptamer was radiolabeled with 18F and 64Cu and used in PET-imaging studies to measure tumor uptake and metabolism. All aptamers, including FITC-aptamers, were synthesized by IDT.

Aptekar S, Arora M, et al. (2015) Selective targeting to glioma with nucleic acid aptamers. PLoS One, 10 : e0134957.

The specificity, uptake, and target binding strength of 2 DNA aptamers were investigated in glioma cells and patient tissue. Aptamers were synthesized by IDT and conjugated at the 5′ end with either Cy® 3 or biotin for purification.

Lou X, Qian J, et al. (2009) Micromagnetic selection of aptamers in microfluidic channels. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 106 : 2989–2994.

Microfluidic screening of aptamers to the light chain of recombinant Botulinum neurotoxin type A. The DNA library was comprised of sequences containing a central random region of 60 bases flanked by 2 specific 20-base sequences, and was synthesized and purified by IDT.

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