The OligoCard is a simple and easy solution to streamlining your purchasing process.

For Researchers

Just as you would with a phone card, a single purchase gives you the ability to prepay your orders, requiring only a single PO or credit card transaction from your purchasing group. No more purchase order delays and redundant paperwork required. Enjoy the full benefit of the grant dollars you’ve earned by establishing OligoCard® credit near the end of grant term. Order the oligos you want to order, when you want to order them.

For Purchasing Professionals

Consolidate the ordering of IDT’s products into one easily traceable and secure system. All of the orders from a lab or group of labs can be tracked and processed far more efficiently. Establishing the balances on each individual card allows for easy enforcement of credit limits.


  • Each card has a unique number and PIN
  • Cards are easily refilled without requiring a new number
  • All transactions are processed over a secure connection to IDT’s website
  • Transaction history is available online, 24/7
  • Prepayment to fit your system, any amount over $250

How They Work

Trial OligoCard®

These are essentially coupons that can be used on individual orders. Simply activate the card below, place your order, and use your OligoCard® number on the payment page. Your discount will show up on your current order, and any remaining amount can be paid either with a PO or a Credit Card.

You can also convert these into regular OligoCards. It’s simply a matter of clicking the button below and placing an order for a regular OligoCard. You’ll receive detailed instructions the next day and can begin using your OligoCard within 24 hours. The balance of your trial card will be added to your Full OligoCard.

Full OligoCard®

These are ordered over the web like any product, just click below. Once ordered, you’ll receive a secure PIN that you can use to unlock your credit online. Once activated, you can use these cards in the place of a PO or Credit Card on the payment screen. You may order as many cards as you like, and may share them with your lab to consolidate and track ordering.

You may check your balance and usage for both of these cards by logging in and clicking “OligoCard” on the left side of the screen.