xGen® Dual Index UMI Adapters—Tech Access

Improve detection of low-frequency variants

The unique molecular identifier sequence present in xGen Dual Index UMI Adapters—Tech Access enables detection of low-frequency variants and helps with de-duplication of reads during post-sequencing analysis. These adapters include a unique, dual index design that helps to prevent sample mis-assignment and resolve index hopping. This unique design provides the ability to run the adapter in 3 different schemes: single index, unique dual index, and unique molecular identifier modes.

xGen Dual Index UMI Adapters—Tech Access are designed and optimized for use on Illumina platforms.

  • Improve the detection of low-frequency variants with unique molecular identifiers
  • Prevent sample mis-assignment with adapter sequences containing 8-bp unique, dual indexes
  • Increase sample multiplexing and reduce cost per sample using predesigned indexes optimized for 2- and 4-color Illumina sequencing instruments
  • Achieve high performance hybrid capture when combined with xGen Universal Blockers—TS Mix