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IDT Core Values

Be the best at your thing

Know your domain and share your knowledge with those around you. Don't be intimidated by IDT's complexity. Not everyone here is a scientist, but everyone contributes to our success. Positively influence the organization through thoughtful expression of your talents Learn from your mistakes and mistake of others.

Embrace the underdog role

Remain humble and never take our current success for granted. Always assume the customer you are speaking with is also speaking to our competitors (because they are). IDT is the biggest and best oligo company in the world because it has fought hard to get there. Our customers always have the option to take their business elsewhere. Persevere for each and every win, keeping in mind that our success is never guaranteed.

Make oligos not war

Listen in the halls of IDT and you should hear laughter, not screaming. We believe in keeping it light, treating each other with respect, and creating an atmosphere of fun. When conflict arises, and sometimes it does, you are expected to listen for understanding, ask questions for clarity, admit your own mistakes, and never ever point a finger at someone else. We work as a team. We firmly believe how we make other people feel is what matters most.

We change our minds...a lot

IDT takes the phrase, "change is constant" to an entirely different level. We are "The Custom Biology Company" and therefore must be responsive and adaptable. We listen to employees, we listen to our customers, we listen to our vendors, we take risks, we redirect, and sometimes we just need to take a different path. To survive here you must be flexible, and you must not fear change, but rather be able to embrace it with enthusiasm.

We ❤ data

Data will always trump emotion. Making your point with a well-researched, well-informed dataset will have much more impact than use of opinion and volume. We have amassed large amounts of data addressing performance, processes, quality, usage, and more. Use it to improve us and increase our success. Understand the sources of your data and its implications, and recognize that most data represents just a snapshot of an ongoing and potentially changing process.

Be yourself, unless you're a jerk

We expect you to bring yourself to work. We are a group of unique personalities and we create a ton of memorable experiences through our interactions with each other. IDT believes people function best when you can just be yourself. However, we expect that to be your "best" self. Treat each other with respect, compassion, honesty, and trust. No jerks allowed.

Create your own opportunities

You're the greatest contributor to your success at IDT. Be accountable and conscientious. Stay committed. Display a sense of urgency. Be creative and seek ways to improve. Challenge yourself. Continually learn. And then, be an advocate for yourself. If you don't feel like you are learning and growing, or if you want to pursue new opportunities, speak up and bring a plan.

Collaboration is Key

We are one global team. Step outside your comfort zone to know your peers, near and far, and make a connection. Understand their talents and share your own in pursuit of our common goals. Celebrate our differences to strengthen our competitive advantage. Unleash the power of collaborative effort to achieve the unimaginable. It is only together that we accomplish great things.