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rhAmp™ SNP genotyping: A novel approach for improving PCR-based SNP genotyping

Genomics research and discovery has led to a large increase of reported single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). From 2006 to 2017, the number of refSNPs in the NCBI dbSNP database has increased 13-fold. Many polymorphisms can be linked to disease susceptibility and responses to chemical therapies. Other polymorphisms are used as trait identifiers in livestock and plants. Being able to inexpensively and accurately determine the genotype in high-throughput fashion, with low sample input is a critical requirement for large-scale screening efforts. In this presentation, we present a novel, probe-based, PCR genotyping solution that possesses the universal cycling conditions, strong signal generation, and benchtop reaction stability needed for high-throughput screening. We also present the mechanism and unique technical advantages of using the rhAmp SNP Genotyping System, and illustrate how easy it is to generate high quality genotyping data.

Published on: August 09, 2017