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DNA & RNA Synthesis

Custom DNA & RNA oligos synthesized to your specifications & shipped fast with 100% QC guaranteed.

Synthetic Genes

High fidelity, highly affordable genomic sequences in quantity for synthetic biology applications.

Gene Silencing

Optimally designed dicer-substrate RNAs for sustained knockdown in RNA interference experiments.

Genome Editing

Improve genome editing performance using the Alt-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 System.


Dual-labeled LNA probes for increased sensitivity in SNP genotyping assays.

MicroRNA Cloning and Detection

MicroRNA cloning and small regulatory RNA detection products.

Molecular Biology Reagents

Buffers, Water, Decontamination Solutions, Length Standards, and Synthesis Reagents

Business & OEM Services

Complete fulfillment chain solutions including custom manufacturing and e-procurement integrations.


Get more full-length product with the fastest turnaround time available.

GMP Oligo Manufacturing

Oligos for in vitro diagnostic devices and analyte-specific reagents for laboratory-developed tests.