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SARS-CoV-2 probes and other COVID-19 research reagents

As of January 8, 2021, IDT has produced primer and probe kits sufficient to enable approximately 62 million tests to be conducted in the US pursuant to the CDC EUA testing protocol.

IDT has received inquiries from researchers from around the world who are interested in rapidly obtaining assays and developing vaccines targeting the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV/SARS-CoV-2) identified in Wuhan, China. Supporting these efforts, the CDC and the Chinese government have sequenced and submitted the coronavirus genome to the US NCBI GenBank® database (US Dept of Health and Human Services). With our worldwide manufacturing capabilities, IDT is uniquely able to provide robust qPCR primers and probes while avoiding contamination issues from synthesis of controls and related gene fragments.


PrimeTime™ SARS-CoV-2/Flu Test »

The PrimeTime SARS-CoV-2/Flu Test includes a hot-start One-Step RT-qPCR Master Mix in addition to primers and probes designed according to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) qPCR detection assay. The 3-in-1 multiplex detection test for SARS-CoV-2, Flu A, and Flu B is currently being submitted by IDT for US FDA EUA approval.

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Virus detection

Custom SARS-CoV-2 qPCR panels »

Primers and probes made to your specifications in purity and scale.

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We can accommodate custom requests for your SARS-CoV-2 experiments.

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CDC qPCR detection assay »

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has designed RT-PCR assays and published a protocol for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. IDT manufactures primers and probes for this assay.

Primers and probes for the Charité/Berlin protocol »

Collaborators from Charité–Universitätsmedizin Berlin Institute of Virology, German Centre for Infection Research, Tib-Molbiol, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, and other entities designed an assay and published an RT-PCR protocol for the detection of SARS-CoV-2.  IDT manufactures primers and probes for this assay

Luminex SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR primers and probes »

Luminex Corporation has designed RT-PCR assays for the detection of SARS-CoV-2.  IDT provides primers and probes for this assay.

Vaccine development

Genes & gene fragments »

Advances in gene synthesis mean that subunit vaccines can be developed quickly from one or more antigen-presenting viral genes or peptide sequences, which circumvents the need for scientists to handle live and potentially dangerous pathogens, and eliminates the time needed to clone DNA fragments.

Use IDT double-stranded DNA fragments to create synthetic proteins designed as safe reagents for vaccine research. IDT offers 3 convenient options: linear gBlocks Gene Fragments, eBlocks Gene Fragments, or Custom Genes cloned into vectors. These are available in varying lengths and synthesis scales. Start your order, and we will help you choose the format that best fits your needs.

Virus Research

NGS solutions »

Targeted next generation sequencing (NGS) can quickly and accurately generate genomic data for viral infection identification, virus genome analysis, and surveillance of virus mutations. To meet the urgent demand for COVID-19 research tools, we are partnering with our customers to offer new target enrichment products featuring high performance and accuracy, with a variety of customizations and scales.

Cas13 guide RNAs »

We can help with your Cas13 guide RNA needs. With fast turnaround, customizable scales and modifications, and multiple sizes in tubes or plates, we’re ready to support the detection of RNA viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2.

Affinity Plus™ ASOs »

Our Affinity Plus (locked nucleic acid) antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) are perfect reagents for knocking down SARS-CoV-2 gene expression for functional assessment or your research dedicated towards the development of potential treatments for COVID-19.

Media Information

IDT is honored to be the first company in the nation to have our primer and probe kits approved by the CDC for use as a key component of the CDC EUA testing protocol for the diagnosis and detection of COVID-19. We are proud to have rapidly achieved large-scale manufacturing of this key component which enables testing of millions of Americans for COVID-19.

For media inquiries about IDT’s role in the fight against COVID-19, please contact:

IDT Public Relations,
Anna Blyth,
Iris Shaffer,

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